“Steffan coached two of my teams in the last year. He is a skilled active listener, proposing solutions tailor-made for the problems we were facing. His coaching stabilized the agile practices of one of my teams. Before he worked with them, they had difficulties repeating their sprint process consistently. After his coaching, the team increased their available sprint capacity and the team dynamics became completely different. Steffan earned my trust and the trust of my teams with his professional, collaborative and pragmatic approach."

-- Mahfoud A.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan is a gifted and visionary leader and team player. If you want to succeed, invite Steffan to join your team.”

-- Robbin W.
Tribal Leadership Intensive Participant

“Besides his successful leadership role of the development team in the Montreal laboratory, Steffan has acted as the main contact person to the Bidi support development teams in Israel and Egypt, and it is in this capacity that I have had the opportunity to interact and learn to appreciate Steffan's exceptional qualities: The numerous technical issues raised by the Bidi team were answered within an amazingly short time: this shows extremely high professionalism (the ability to grasp intricate issues such as the Bidi related ones, and the ability to skillfully reproduce the defects), leadership within his own development team that resulted in making the right developer act fast and provide the required solution, and infallible responsiveness in all the numerous cases handled.

The high pressure of deadlines and critical situations did not affect Steffan's calm and pragmatic approach and his jovial attitude. Steffan is a pleasure to work with and has proven to be a professional which can lead and deliver.”

-- Israel G.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan worked with me at IBM Rational and was responsible for leading major design areas of several products. Steffan was able to consistently deliver high quality software under tight deadlines. He is skilled at eliciting requirements from Customers and Product Managers and delivering solutions which meet the needs of these Customers with minimal re-design.”

-- Bruce S.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan was a technical lead for a product while I was the product manager. I very much appreciated his technical expertise, his open communication style and his willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done. There were tasks that would not have gotten done and aspects of the product that would have been of lower quality had Steffen not been on the project.”

-- Claudia M.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan is one of the best authorities on Agile & Software development process that I've ever met. And unlike other process gurus, he's not afraid to dig in and get his hands dirty. He's one of those few people who is both a great resource of information and a fantastic contributor.

Many times, I've seen co-workers in either ours or other teams make simple mistakes. Steffan is one of those key individuals who immediately picks up the phone, and helps them get on the right track. The other person is never offended, but rather grateful. For that reason among many others, Steffan would be a credit to any organization.”

-- Ryan S.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“I must say, had Steffan not been there in the team, It would have been extremely difficult for the team to come out as a winner while adopting Agile and Scrum. He is the reference point for everybody in my team on Agile methodology. I have experienced the team to come out of the chaotic phase to move towards the path of maturity on Agile and I have to say that we are seen as a mature team by other product teams now and the credit goes to Steffan. He went out of the way to address the concerns of the team members regarding the process, established the distributed scrum and unblocked the team beyond the geographies at many instances. Not only he led the process change, in the process he created many opportunities for the team as well and mentored many of the team members. He is truly an asset for the organization.”

-- Manmohan S.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan is a driven, intelligent and experienced software engineer with a strong focus on the client's view of quality. He works extremely well in high-pressure situations and always finds a way to lighten things up. I've been continually impressed with his ability to step into whatever role is required to turn a project into a raging success. I look forward to our next adventure!”

-- Elizabeth W.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan is a natural leader who demonstrates his professionalism by consistently producing work with uncompromising quality. During our time at Motorola what struck me was his ability to quickly learn and master new technologies. I greatly respect his professionalism and dedication to his work.”

-- John S.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan is a resourceful professional who worked on high-visibility commercial software products and solutions with great success. His talents as team leader are very good; Steffan demonstrates drive-to-achieve, deep technological skills and strong organizational capabilities involving multidisciplinary teams distributed geographically. Steffan was a major player in my team at IBM; somebody you can always rely on in any kind of situations.”

-- Yves F.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan has all the traits of the perfect remote contributor: he is detail oriented, constientious, and follows through on all his commitments. Despite being remote, he has shown his leadership skills on our team. He helped improve the productivity of our development, quality assurance, and documentation teams by providing clear, well documented user interface designs. Steffan was also a key player in helping the team adopt agile planning practices. You need Steffan on your distributed team.”

-- Steven T.
LinkedIn Recommendation

“Steffan was a key contributor to our safety-critical SW application. Strong team player, reliable, autonomous, creative thinker, Steffan adapted well to his work environment and showed good negotiation and conflict management skills. I would not hesitate one second to work with Steffan again.”

-- Mario S.
LinkedIn Recommendation

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